Cooperative enterprise

    • 2016-05-21Hsu Fu Chi

      Fuji in 1992 in China founded, 1994 "Hsu Fu Chi" brand registered the birth, carry out a comprehensive sustainable development in the field ..

    • 2016-05-21Wistron

      Wistron, formerly known as Acer computer Limited by Share Ltd was established in 1981 DMS (Department of design, production and service sect..

    • 2016-05-21DOUBLE COIN

      Guangxi Wuzhou shuangqian Industrial Co., Ltd. is subordinate to the constant group of two companies, is a professional engaged in guiling p..

    • 2016-05-21Foxconn

      Foxconn technology group was founded in 1974, is a professional engaged in the computer, communications, consumer electronics, digital conte..

    • 2016-05-21Hisense

      Hisense Group is the only hold Hisense, Kelon Kelon and Rongsheng Ronshen three of China's famous trademark enterprise group, Hisense TV las..

    • 2016-05-21Liby

      Libai is Liby group's first big brands, and as China cleaning products in the field of leading brands, "Liby" with the first national sales ..

    • 2016-05-21NOKIA

      NOKIA is a company headquartered in Finland, Espoo, mainly engaged in mobile communication products produced by Multi-National Corporation. ..

    • 2016-05-21TCL

      TCL group co., LTD., founded in 1981, is one of the consumer electronics conglomerate of global scale operation, the guangzhou Asian games 2..

    • 2016-05-21Lanju

      Lanju Group originated in Zhongshan, is a cross industry, cross regional development of large enterprise groups, under the jurisdiction of Z..

    About us

    Dongguan Angmai Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd is a Taiwan-invested joint venture. We have been engaged in research and development, design and manufacture of all kinds of packaging machinery for more than 20 years. We will provide you with automatic equipment in place of manned operation from conveyance, inner packing to outer packing, from stacking and pallet packing to storage and transportation so as to save labor, produce efficiently and safely, and improve the competition of your enterprise.

    We stick to the operation philosophy of “faith, cooperation, innovation and development”. 70% of our employees are professional engineers and technicians, who form an innovation team with high quality, and young in age. We have comprehensive strength in design, development, manufacture, sales, service and so on. The warranty period of our products is one year and the maintenance service is provided over the lifespan.

    Clients and insiders from home and abroad are warmly welcome to visit us. Let’s joint our hands to create a bright future together!

    Address:No.8, Jianshe Road, Gaobu Town, Dongguan

    Tel: +86-769-87905270

    E-Mail:[email protected]

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